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With so much business introduction being conducted online right now, one might think that there is no longer a need to put much emphasis on business cards. However, your business card is actually a very powerful marketing tool for your Phoenix, AZ company. A business card that is designed and printed by a professional printing service can improve your business. How can a little card be so important?

The fact is, you never know when or where you will meet someone in person who may be a good prospect as a client or as a business associate. You can be sitting next to someone on a plane or attending a seminar. Opportunities to meet people who can benefit your business are always out there. When you give someone your professional business card, you add an link to your network that may open new doors for you.

Impress a Client With Professionally Designed Card

Your business card will only be effective if it supports your company’s professional image. The biggest mistake that a business owner can make is to try to make his own business cards. The look is often amateurish with mediocre to poor results. If a business prospect looks at this card after the initial meeting, he will not be impressed. A poorly designed business card leads the business prospect to think that the company provides poor quality service. It can give the company a bad image. Any positive impression that the prospect may have had from the initial meeting can quickly be overshadowed. It can change the business prospect’s mind about doing business with the company.

Contrast this with the impression that a high-quality, professionally produced business card can make on the business prospect. After the initial meeting, the prospect will look at the professionally produced card and see the design, colors and layout that are perfectly chosen for the company. The exceptional quality of the card will reinforce the positive first-impression that the prospect had about the company. This can motivate the prospect to take the next step and contact the company.

With almost everyone making connections on social media, would one really look at someone’s business card? The answer is, yes. There are many times when one does not have access to the web. On a flight, mobile devices often need to be turned off. Also, there could be times when the network has an outage. A person would not have access to the web for contact information.

Your Offline Contact Source

On the other hand, your business card or even a brochure is persistent. Once someone has your card, he can look up your contact information anywhere, at any time. You will never lose a prospect because he did not have your business card.

A high quality business card produced by a professional service in the Metro Phoenix area can make your company stand out from your competitors. The power of this little card should not be underestimated.

Thanks to LinxPrint for input on this article. You can find out more about their printing services

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